The Waupaca Seed Library is a circulating collection of seeds hosted by the Waupaca Area Public Library. The seeds are available to anyone with the intention of growing and collecting new seed to be returned to the library for other patrons. The goal is to have borrowers collect seed to make available to the public for planting the following year to continue the cycle.

How do I check out seeds & what seeds are available?

It is very simple, you can choose up to 5 packets from the seed catalog located in the seed library. We ask that you record what you are taking, as well as basic contact information for later in the season. Anyone may check out seeds, you do not need a library card. Additional seeds may be checked out each year.

You must come to the Waupaca Area Public Library to see what seeds are currently in stock. Some may be checked out, and new items become available. Here is a general list of seeds we stock. Many of our varieties have a Wisconsin theme.

We also have some seed saving supplies to check out as well, like individual blossom bags, whole plant bags and seed screens.

How do I save and return seeds?

Saving seeds does not have to be difficult; we carry many varieties that are easy to grow and save like beans and lettuce. Step one is growing the plants, weeding, watering and waiting for the fruit or flower to blossom, grow, and often over ripen. Then collect, clean and dry the seeds.

For advanced growers, we also carry some types that require careful separation to prevent cross pollinating, or hundreds of plants for a viable seeds, like corn and squash.

Here are the general guidelines for returning seeds:

  1. Seed must be dry and clean of chaff, dirt and debris.
  2. Bring them to the Main Circulation Desk at the Waupaca Area Public Library. You can bring them in a paper bag, for example, or in the original seed packet. We will be sorting and repackaging them for re-distribution in our library.
  3. Fill out an information card, available at the reference information desk. The contact information you provide is for internal library use, for tracking and in case we have questions about your seeds.
  4. We will accept any seeds, however we prefer those that are open-pollinated or heirloom, because seeds from these plants will be viable in the next year.  If you do not know if your seeds are open-pollinated, please note that on the information card.